Rejection never gets easier…

When I sat down at the patio table, my husband could tell something was bothering me.  I had just arrived home from picking up my 8 year old daughter’s friends for a play date.  “Jacy didn’t get chosen for the new gifted school”, I said, obviously irritated.  My husband looked at me puzzled.

Let me give a little back story.  Prior to my sourpuss attitude with my husband, Jacy and I were on our way to her best friend’s house to pick her up.   On the way there we were discussing how the Terrific Trio (my daughter, her friend Sarah, and her friend Carly) were in panic mode.  I had already made my plans for homeschooling for this year known and Carly was going to be transferring schools.  As the part of any Terrific Trio, Jacy was concerned about the last member, Sarah, being by herself in 3rd grade.  She didn’t want Sarah being alone and expressed how important it was for Carly to remain at the same school.

About a week ago, we got the letter in the mail that told us which 3rd grade teacher Jacy would have.  We were homeschooling so it was of no consequence.  When I asked Sarah’s mom who Sarah would have as her teacher, she recited a name I had never heard of and followed it with “Sarah will be going to the Gifted Center”.  That’s when the rejection hit.  And when I say the rejection hit…. it was actually more like a Mac truck hit me going 100 miles an hour.   Ok, maybe I am overexaggerating a teeny bit but it really did hurt.

Both of my daughters were identified as gifted when they were in kindergarten.  They’ve always tested high and performed extremely well in school.  When the first rumblings of the potential Gifted School began, I never imagined that Jacy wouldn’t be “accepted”.  I just assumed she’d be included…. and I’m sure you know where assuming gets us!

Now, unlike some moms, I have the ability to realize that my children AREN’T actually the smartest or most advanced.  I can even realize Sarah’s academic ability exceeds Jacy’s.  I realize that there are children that could actually be rocket scientists at 10 years old.   Those children are not my children.  I accept that wholeheartedly.

This is where it gets tricky…. once I got over the initial shock of rejection, I started asking myself why in the world it mattered!

Why did I care that a school system I didn’t want to be a part of didn’t want my daughter in their gifted school?  If I didn’t place any merit in this system, why would I feel rejected by them?

I decided that it didn’t matter if they didn’t accept Jacy into their school… even their gifted school wouldn’t be as good as the homeschooling God had planned for them.  Even if said gifted school turned them into rocket scientists by 10 years old, it was not GOD’S plan.  A plan, that I remind myself daily, is greater than anything that I, or this school system, could imagine.



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