Follow Me (part 2)

I wrote a long, depressing blog the other night after 10:00 p.m. about dealing with my 13 year old daughter that desperately doesn’t want to be homeschooled.

After writing my blog and throwing myself a pity party (and it was a rather large party, I might add), I came to the realization that I was being completely selfish.

My husband farms for a living.  On the logo on our t-shirts, vehicle, and farm equipment decals, we have Luke 9:62 below the farm name.  Luke 9:62 is an important verse for our family and accurately describes our testimony as parents, a married couple, our lives, and our businesses.  It says, “Anyone who puts a hand to the plow and looks back isn’t fit for service in the kingdom of God”.

The morning after I wrote the long, depressing, self serving blog about how hard this homeschooling was going to be, I prayed for God to show me what I needed to know while reading His word.  I haphazardly opened my Bible and guess which chapter I was in. Yep, you guessed it.  Luke.  The very first page.  I turned to our family’s verse and read the 10 or so verses before our beloved Luke 9:62.

This portion of the Bible discussed Jesus and His followers.  One of the “followers” said, “I will follow you but first I must go back and bury my father.”  Jesus told him that the dead could bury the dead.  The next follower told Jesus that he would follow Him but he needed to go say goodbye to his family first.  Both said they wanted to follow God without giving up anything.

This got me thinking… what am I saying to God?  He asked me to follow Him down this path of homeschooling but I’m just like the followers in the Bible.  I always seem to be saying “I’ll follow you BUT…”   It’s amazing that those 3 letters, which don’t seem to have much meaning, have such a huge meaning.   Dr. Phil McGraw always says that a “but” erases everything that comes before it.  A response of “I’ll follow you but…” actually means “I’m not going to follow you unless it’s easy”.

Life is not easy, and that’s ok.  I’m going to follow God anyway.


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